What our customers have said to us....

"I was impressed by the speed at which it arrived"

On The Daily Remembrancer - "personally, I rather like it - even more so than Spurgeon! Am I allowed to say that? For many years we have used Spurgeon's Morning and Evening here at home, but now we alternate and have really enjoyed the messages" from a Christian bookseller who stocks our production of James Smith's daily reading.

"We were very pleased with the Fun Physical Fitness. S. has been exercising and had great fun - I have joined in once too - its great fun."

"We're enjoying the FIAR books so much, there are so many books on your website now, I have to say I enjoy looking through all your books"

On the Sugar Creek Gang - "May I just say how wonderful it is to have found some books for my boys which have a great plot, excitement and glorify God. Thank you so much!"

Raising Maidens of Virtue"I was so pleased when I discovered that I could buy this book in this country. Thankyou for your faithfulness in selling wholesome Christian literature"