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Parents and teachers often get so concerned with the “what” to teach that we neglect the “how” and the “why.” Yet these make all the difference between success and failure. Understanding them also creates happier, more empowered children. Thomas Jefferson Education gives you the “how” and the “why” to make the “what” more powerful, more memorable, and more relevant to your children.

A Thomas Jefferson Education

A Thomas Jefferson Education

by Oliver DeMille

Is state education preparing the future leaders our nation needs or merely struggling to teach basic literacy and job skills? Without leadership education, are we settling for an inadequate system that delivers educational, industrial, governmental, and societal mediocrity? In A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century, Oliver DeMille presents an overview of and a primer for a new educational vision based on proven methods that really work! Teachers, students, parents, educators, legislators and leaders must read this compelling book.

Published by: TJEdOnline

No. of pages: 198

Format: Paperback

Price: £11.00

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