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Mother's Companion

A Compendium of Materials for the Christian Home Educator

Compiled by Mrs. Chris Eastwood, this curriculum contains almost everything you need to teach your child up to the age of eight as well as much material for older children, forming the basis of a traditional classical Christian education using the best tried and tested materials from the past. The curriculumm covers Bible lessons, history, maths, speech, art, reading, English, singing, classics, science suggestions and much other material. Some of the materials are specially designed for children of different ages to work together. A special feature of the latest volume is the first part of Latin Without Tears by Favell Lee Mortimer, author of the classic children's Bible series Peep of Day.

The Mother's Companion (9 Volume set)

The Mother's Companion (9 Volume set)

by Various

Full set of 9 volumes of The Mother's Companion. Previously available on CDs. Now supplied on a single memory stick.

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Published by: Chris Eastwood

Format: Memory Stick

Price: 20.00

Suggested Age: 0 to 8

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