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Bluedorn Picturebooks

A selection of picture books from talented artist Joannah Bluedorn. Joannah was home schooled and is a mainly self-taught artist.

Little Bitty Hebrew

Little Bitty Hebrew

by Johannah Bluedorn

Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew is the second in the Little Bitty Baby Board Book series by Trivium Pursuit. And, yes, little children can learn the Hebrew alphabet, which is the very first baby step in mastering a language. Using 27 original illustrations, writer/illustrator Johannah Bluedorn offers a pictorial lesson in learning the Hebrew alphabet. Each Hebrew letter is introduced on a separate page of the board book. The sound of each letter is taught with an English guide word and a corresponding picture. This Little Bitty Baby Board Book will inspire even the tiniest tots to pursue further study of the Hebrew language.

Published by: Trivium Pursuit

Format: Boardbook

Price: 8.00

Suggested Age: 4 to 8

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