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Bunyan For Kids

Journey to the City of the King

Journey to the City of the King

by Peter and Anne Woodcock

Journey to the city of the king, adapted from John Bunyanís book The Pilgrimís Progress, is a marvellous illustration of the workings of God, the devil and the world in the a personís life. John Bunyan, in his masterly way, has included many truths and teachings which this disc and activity book make more understandable (and enjoyable) for children.

The ninety-minute recording tells the story in seven sessions and the activity book contains accompanying Bible notes, illustrations activities and memory questions. Together, the disc and activity book are designed to be a multilevel package which may be used in a variety of ways, from bedtime stories at home to Sunday schools and childrenís clubs.

Additional copies of the activity notes are available from the disc or as a download from Day One Publications

Published by: Day One Publications

No. of pages: 32

Format: Paperback + CD

Price: £10.00

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